Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Care

Why is contact lens care important?

  • Proper daily care of your contacts helps to ensure they are able to be worn as long as they should be, as well as helps to maintain your eye health and best corrected vision.


How long should I wear my contacts?

  • Do not wear your contacts longer than they are designed for. Daily-wear lenses are made to be taken out each night and put back in upon waking. Night & Day lenses are designed for wearing both day and night, but are more likely to cause eye problems. We still recommend taking these lenses out each night and putting them back in the morning. Soft contact lenses are made to be thrown away and replaced after the appropriate amount of time. All contact lenses aside from one-day disposables need to be cleaned daily.


What problems can contacts cause?

  • Edema
  • Corneal vascularization
  • Infiltrates
  • Ulcers
  • Abrasions
  • Dryness
  • Irritation
  • Infection


How can you care for your contacts at home?

  • Always wash your hands before handling your contacts
  • Clean your lens case every day
  • Follow the cleaning directions listed on your contacts box or recommended by your doctor
  • Remove contacts before bed if they are daily-wear
  • Do not use household products to clean your lenses as they may carry harmful bacteria or chemicals
  • Put in your contacts before applying eye makeup, and replace cosmetics every few months to avoid infection
  • Take out contacts before administering any prescription eye drops as the lenses can absorb the medication
  • Schedule yearly eye exams to maintain eye health and obtain new contact prescriptions
  • Consider carrying an extra contact case, bottle of contact lens solution, and a backup pair of glasses with you in case you need to remove your contacts
  • Do not wear contacts while swimming


When should you call for help?

  • If you run out of contacts and need to order more
  • If you do not see as well as you think you should while wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • If you are interested in freedom from contact lenses and would like to schedule a free LASIK/HDSA consult
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