LASIK Through the Patients’ Point of View

LASIK Through the Patients’ Point of View

LASIK through the patient’s point of view

Have you thought of LASIK and all the benefits you could have? Have you then decided against it due to fear or financial reasons? I am guilty of having the same worries in the past. As someone who works in the ophthalmology world and has been a patient, I have seen both sides to the world of LASIK and hopefully can provide some insight for those on the fence. Before my procedure I couldn’t even see the alarm clock a few feet away and now I see better than I ever did with contacts or glasses. I had my LASIK procedure done at the end of December and I was extremely surprised by the outcome. Some worries that people have are the process itself. First thing to know is that there are two lasers, one to make the flap and then one to treat the eye. It is completely bladeless which means there is no possible human error. “What if I feel the need to blink?” you may ask. I did not feel the need to blink during the entire process due to the numbing drops that they used. The most work that you need to do as the patient is to look at a flashing light. It lasts mere seconds and then they are complete. The next thing that I would advise is to find a facility that you will have a surgeon with you through every step of the way including pre and post op appointments. They know your case better than anyone else and will be able to answer any of your questions. After getting over my fears of the procedure itself, it was left to the cost. This was when my decision was finally made. After calculating how much I was spending on contacts alone, LASIK was going to end up paying for itself in four years. This doesn’t even include contact solution or glasses that I may have needed in that time frame. If you are considering LASIK, I would suggest taking any questions or concerns to your ophthalmologist and see where to take the next step to a clearer world.

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