I have been pleased with my overall care there at Medical Vision Institute by the whole staff, including the service desk members, the employees that run the visual tests, and Dr. Dudee and Monica. I found out recently that my optic nerve test showed some improvement. I feel very blessed and thankful. I’m not sure how much this might’ve helped, but I thought it would possibly be helpful for other patients to know this. Since my prior visit, 3 months ago, I was recommended to start taking flaxseed supplements. I did so, and also started taking another supplement called, Ocuvite w/Lutein and antioxidants specific to the eye. Before taking either of these things, it would be good to run it by Dr. Dudee first, but I figure that I have either been blessed with some sort of miracle in the past 3 months, and/or, these vitamins/supplements have been helping. The only noticeable thing I noticed on my last visit, is that I smelled a strong scent (maybe due to new flowers in the office). That at first was a bit unpleasant to my senses and off-putting, but it seemed to dissipate or I just became accustomed to it.