Implantabe Collamer Lens
The Visian ICL ®  is an excellent alternative for patients who are poor candidates for laser vision correction. ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens. It can correct for large amounts of nearsightedness and offers amazing results. During the ICL procedure, Dr. Dudee places the small implantable lens behind the iris, just in front of your eyes’ natural lens. The procedure is performed in our office and only takes a few minutes to complete. Prior to your procedure, Dr. Dudee will have you come in for a peripheral iridotomy which uses a YAG laser. This helps ensure that the fluid circulates properly throughout the eye.

The Visian ICL can be a great alternative to LASIK.

Unlike LASIK (which permanently reshapes the cornea), the Visian ICL ®  implantation is reversible. If complications should arise, which are rare, the lens can be safely removed.