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Entropion, the opposite of ectropion, occurs when the lower lid turns inward toward the eyeball. The lid may be turned inward at all times or only when blinking hard or squeezing eyelids shut. The lid and lashes then rub on the cornea, causing irritation. Irritation can be minimized by using artificial tears or ointments. Entropion can be congenital or caused by age, inflammation, infection, or scarring inside the lid. If left untreated, it can cause infection and damage to the cornea. Although entropion is generally not preventable, it can be repaired surgically to return the lid to its normal position. 

Symptoms of entropion include:

  • Foreign body sensation
  • Excess tearing or mucous discharge
  • Eye redness or irritation
  • Sensitivity to sunlight or wind

Below is a photo of a patient with entropion.

The bottom lid is turning in, causing the lashes to flip upward and inward and rub on the cornea.


If you experience any of these symptoms or believe you have entropion, call our office at (859) 278-9486 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dudee. You can also email our office at info@medicalvision.com or send an appointment request through our online portal.

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