Premium Lens Options

Premium Intraocular Lens (IOL) Options in Lexington, KY

Premium Lens Implants

Cataract surgery removed the clouded natural lens of the eye and replaces it with an intraocular lens, or IOL. In traditional cataract surgery the IOL would be a standard monofocal lens, meaning it would allow the patient good vision in the distance, but they still may require glasses for near vision. Patients that have a monofocal lenses would also still require reading glasses or bifocals after their surgery in order to see up close. At Medical Vision Institute, we give our Lexington patients the option to upgrade to a premium IOL.

Premium IOLs can allow patients to reduce or even eliminate their need for reading glasses or bifocals following cataract surgery. Premium IOLs include multifocal designs such as the Alcon ReSTOR lens and the AMO Tecnis and Symfony IOL. The other premium lens is an accommodative design, like the Bausch and Lomb Crystalens. These lenses are ideal for patients that like to read a newspaper, see the computer screen or drive without having to deal with reading glasses or bifocals.

Patients that have an active lifestyle are often excellent candidates for a premium IOL. Patients that are a good candidate and elect to have a premium IOL can often do most things, most of the time without glasses. Since premium IOLs are considered to be elective, there is an out of pocket expense associated with them.

Astigmatism Correction

If you have astigmatism in your cornea, you might need glasses in order to see clearly in the distance following cataract surgery. Patients that have residual cornea astigmatism might be a good candidate for astigmatism correction at the time of cataract surgery using a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI) or a Toric Lens Implant. A LRI or Toric lens implant is performed during your initial cataract surgery and can often eliminate the need for glasses used for distance vision, but will still require reading glasses. An LRI and Toric lens is considered to be an elective procedure and does require an out of pocket expense. During your initial cataract exam, Dr. Dudee and his staff will discuss which lens would be best for your vision and go over cost and financing options.