Cataract FAQs

Find the answers to our most common frequently asked questions with our Cataract FAQs or call us today for more information on cataracts or cataract surgery.

Q: Can cataracts return?
A: Because the natural lens has been removed from the eye, a cataract cannot return. However, sometimes a part of the lens that was not removed during surgery becomes cloudy and blurs vision. This is called an after-cataract, and it can develop months or years after surgery.  Unlike a cataract, an after-cataract can be treated with a laser. In a painless procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy. A laser beam is used to make a tiny hole in the lens that will allow light to pass through.

Q: Can cataracts be prevented?
A: We do not yet know how to prevent cataracts, but scientist are examining how they develop and what factors put people at risk for developing them. Research is also being conducted to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cataracts. In the meantime, regular comprehensive eye exams, especially for people over the age of 60, will allow for early detection of cataracts and other vision problems.