A Technician’s Viewpoint

When I graduated from UK, I was clueless on the career path that I wanted to take. In an attempt to gain office experience, I applied for multiple front desk jobs and accepted the first job offer I received. What a journey it has been from front desk coordinator to ophthalmic assistant. Being someone blessed with good eyesight, I had never thought much about the toll poor vision or ocular discomfort could have on a person. The thought of patient care was also very scary for me since most of my time was spent behind the glass of the front desk. When I was asked to become a technician, my whole point of view changed. Working for a physician that enjoys teaching has made learning about the ophthalmology field both interesting and exciting. Not only that, I have fallen in love with patient care and receive so much joy from following their improvements. I had no idea I would end up using testing equipment for eye conditions, educating patients on beneficial procedures, or find myself in a surgery suite assisting a surgeon, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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