Q: I have Dry Eye and it has been acting up lately. Does the cold weather cause my Dry Eye to get worse in the winter?

Dry Eye

A: It is quite common for Dry Eye to get worse or develop in the wintertime because cold air is much more dry and the existing moisture you would normally find indoors is dried up by the use of heaters. Since your eyes need moisture to maintain their healthy status, which can sometimes be accomplished with humidity, dry eye usually peaks in the winter. In addition to the air being dry, the winter usually brings stronger winds to the region. Dry and windy conditions can really affect dry eye sufferers, and especially contact lens wearers.

Some steps in preventing or alleviating dry eye conditions during the winter include using humidifiers in spaces with heaters and wearing wrap around sunglasses to protect your eyes from the cold, dry winds. Over the counter artificial tears can also help a great deal. Some dry eye conditions need additional treatment that requires a visit to the eye doctor.

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